Julbo Ski Goggles

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Get ready to hit the slopes in style and comfort with our product review roundup of the top Julbo Ski Goggles. We’ve handpicked a selection of the finest ski goggles from this renowned brand to provide you with a comprehensive guide on finding the perfect pair for your winter adventures. From anti-fog technology to UV protection, we’ve got you covered with our in-depth analysis and expert recommendations.

The Top 20 Best Julbo Ski Goggles

  1. Julbo Shadow Advanced Ski Goggles with Reactive Lens for Versatile Visual Experience — Experience unparalleled comfort and crystal clear vision with Julbo Shadow’s innovative goggle design, perfect for skiers with thin to medium-sized faces, offering a stylish and lightweight solution to fog-free skiing in varying light conditions.
  2. Julbo Razor Edge Goggles: ReActiv High Contrast Lenses with Large Frame and Anti-Fog Coating — Julbo Razor Edge Goggles in Black with ReActiv 1–3 High Contrast lens offer ultimate control in backcountry adventures, thanks to their oversized lens, perfect contrast in any lighting, and automatic adjustment to various weather conditions.
  3. Stylish Julbo Lightyear Ski Goggles with ReActiv Polarized Lenses and Full Ventilation — Julbo’s Lighyear ski goggles with REACTIV photochromic lens, spherical optical quality, and dual-density foam provide maximum comfort and unobstructed vision for all skiing scenarios.
  4. Julbo Razor Edge Goggles — Wide View, Anti-Fog & High Contrast Lenses — The Julbo Razor Edge Goggles offer superior vision on the slopes with a frameless construction, air flow for fog prevention, and anti-fog coating, making them a top choice for winter sports enthusiasts seeking precision and style.
  5. Julbo Skydome Ski Goggles — Premium Photochromic Lens for Optimal View and Comfort — Experience superior backcountry vision and unmatched comfort with the Julbo Skydome Snowtiger Goggles, featuring REACTIV photochromic lens technology, optimized air circulation, and lightweight, adjustable design.
  6. Julbo Explorer 2.0 Photochromic Sunglasses: Adjustable Temples and Polarized Lenses — The Julbo Explorer 2.0 Sunglasses offer exceptional photochromic lenses, adjustable temples, and panoramic design, ensuring superior sunlight protection and comfortable wear for high-altitude adventurers.
  7. Julbo Shadow Goggles: Ultra-Wide Field of Vision Ski Goggles — Experience top-tier skiing with Julbo Shadow Goggles, featuring a wide field of vision, perfect helmet fit, and versatile REACTIV photochromic lenses, now available in a medium-sized package for those with smaller faces.
  8. Julbo Skydome Goggles — Advanced, Oversize Panoramic Lens with Reactiv Technology — The Julbo Skydome Goggles offer exceptional vision and comfort in backcountry freeride adventures with frameless construction, Reactiv technology, and advanced features for optimal performance.
  9. Julbo Ultimate Cover Sunglasses — Versatile Spectron 3+ Mirror Grey Blue Lenses — Push your limits with Julbo Ultimate Cover Sunglasses, featuring Spectron 3+ Mirror Grey Blue lenses, removable side shields, and a customizable fit for ultimate protection and comfort in any terrain.
  10. Julbo Pulse Goggles: Lightweight, Comfortable, and Fog-Free Skiiing Accessory — Experience hassle-free winter gear with Julbo Pulse Goggles — featuring air flow venting, anti-fog coating, and a full silicone strap for optimal comfort and functionality in any lighting condition.
  11. Stylish Julbo Moonlight Ski Goggles with Anti-Fog and Polarized Lens — Moonlight Ski Goggles from Julbo offer an excellent balance of lightweight design, ventilation, and lens quality in a women’s goggle tailored for thin or medium faces, delivering exceptional comfort and visibility on the slopes.
  12. Julbo Jupiter OTG Goggles — Adaptable and Comfortable Goggles for Optical Corrections — Experience ultimate comfort and fog-free vision with the Julbo Jupiter OTG Goggles, designed for prescription lens wearers, featuring a cozy soft foam frame and optimal ventilation for larger faces.
  13. High-Quality Julbo Alpha Ski Goggles with Frameless Design and Spectron 3 Screen — Experience unmatched protection and superior optical quality with the ultra-wide, unobstructed Julbo Alpha ski goggles featuring soft comfort foam, Spectron 3 lens, and perfect helmet integration.
  14. Julbo Quickshift MTB Ski Goggles: Innovative Switch Air System for Ventilation and Protection — Experience seamless transitions from ventilated to protected conditions with Julbo Quickshift MTB Ski Goggles, the ultimate choice for all-weather mountain biking adventures.
  15. Julbo Cyrius Goggles: Adaptive Photochromic Lens for Perfect Vision on Your Rides — Experience ultimate comfort and superior vision with the Julbo Cyrius Goggles — boasting a frameless, anatomic design, photochromic lens, and anti-fog coating for all conditions.
  16. Children’s Chroma/CAT2–3 Self-Tinting Ski Goggles with Anti-Fog Coating and Enhanced Comfort — The Julbo Atome Blue Chroma Ski Goggles offer excellent protection and comfort for children aged 6–10 with features like self-tinting lens, frameless construction, anti-fog coating, and adjustable offset strap.
  17. Julbo Echo Spectron3 Ski Goggles: Comfortable and Stylish Ski Protective Gear for Kids — Julbo Echo Spectron3 Ski Goggles: Protect children with stylish, high-performing ski goggles featuring a spherical double lens, polycarbonate screen, and easy-to-use articulated headband clip.
  18. Sleek Anti-Fog Goggles for Outdoor Adventures — Experience top-notch mountain bike goggles with Julbo’s Session MTB, featuring air flow venting, anti-fog coating, silicone strap, and compatibility with various helmets for perfect performance and comfort.
  19. Stylish Julbo Ventilate Ski Goggles with Superflow System — Experience outstanding comfort and exceptional ventilation with the Julbo Ventilate goggles, designed for small to medium faces and featuring an anatomic frame, dual soft foam layers, and integrated air flow for fog-free vision.
  20. Julbo Airflux Ski Goggles: Ventilated, Comfortable, and Clear for Optimal Performance — Stay clear and comfortable on the slopes with Julbo Airflux Goggles — featuring ventilated lenses, anti-fog coating, and durable frame design for optimal fit and performance.

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Julbo Shadow Advanced Ski Goggles with Reactive Lens for Versatile Visual Experience


The Julbo Shadow goggles are an incredible pair of unisex ski goggles that provide XXL vision for those who have either a thin or medium face. These stylish goggles weigh incredibly light at only 110 grams, making them almost forgettable to be wearing. The Shadow boasts an ultra-wide field of vision, complemented by its double spherical lens. Its “Reactive Performance photochromic lens 1–3” (CAT 1–3, Visible transmission rate: 17%-75%) is effective in both bright and dark conditions, darkening or lightening depending on the light intensity. The red base color accentuates the terrain relief.

The Shadow’s anti-fogging treatment on the inside is combined with integrated ventilation in the frame, preventing fogging and ensuring good air circulation. The silicone-lined strap guarantees a perfect fit, and the double density foam offers optimum comfort and shock absorption throughout the day. The frameless construction and full silicone strap provide a minimalist design, complemented by the offset strap for compatibility with all types of helmets.

However, the Shadow may not be the best fit for those who have a large face, and some users have experienced issues with fogging initially. Despite these minor drawbacks, the Julbo Shadow goggles offer exceptional performance, stylish design, and a comfortable wear. Their impressive lightweight construction and adaptive lens technology make them a top choice for anyone in search of the perfect ski goggles.

Julbo Razor Edge Goggles: ReActiv High Contrast Lenses with Large Frame and Anti-Fog Coating


In my recent experience, the Julbo Razor Edge goggles have been a game-changer for me on the slopes. The oversized cylindrical lens provides maximum peripheral vision, allowing me to see everything in the terrain with clarity. The Photocromic Reactiv lens is a true marvel! It automatically adjusts to different weather conditions, from the darkest days to bright sunlight, eliminating the need to swap out lenses.

The fit of the goggles is fantastic, something I’ve struggled with in the past. I appreciate the comfortable strap system, which securely holds the goggles in place without causing any discomfort. I also love the fact that these goggles work seamlessly with helmets, making them a practical choice for those of us who enjoy wearing helmets while skiing.

One minor drawback I’ve encountered is the slight reflection and lens standout, particularly in low light conditions with multiple light sources. However, this is a negligible issue when compared to the benefits of these goggles.

Overall, the Julbo Razor Edge goggles have become a reliable and comfortable choice for me on the slopes. The combination of maximum peripheral vision, Photocromic Reactiv lenses, and the comfortable strap system makes them a standout choice for anyone looking for a high-quality pair of ski goggles.

Stylish Julbo Lightyear Ski Goggles with ReActiv Polarized Lenses and Full Ventilation


The Julbo Lightyear Goggles have been a game-changer for my skiing experience. The spherical Reactiv notch lens offers excellent optical quality and a wide, unobstructed field of vision.

The Full Silicone Strap ensures a perfect fit and can be easily adjusted with two buckles on either side. What sets these goggles apart from others I’ve tried is the SuperFlow Pro system, which opens and closes easily thanks to the integrated magnets. This allows for easy airflow regulation and ensures my goggles don’t fog up, even during the most intense ski runs.

The OTG fit also makes them compatible with helmets, and the frameless construction combined with double-density foam ensures maximum comfort. Overall, the Julbo Lightyear Goggles have been an exceptional addition to my skiing gear and I highly recommend them.

Julbo Razor Edge Goggles — Wide View, Anti-Fog & High Contrast Lenses


When I first tried the Julbo Razor Edge Goggles, I was blown away by their sleek design and impressive field of vision. With their frameless construction, I felt like I had a panoramic view of the snowy landscape, making skiing more exciting and immersive.

The air flow feature was a game changer, as it prevented fogging and kept my vision clear even during intense winter sports sessions. The anti-fog coating on the lens further added to the product’s usability. Overall, the Julbo Razor Edge Goggles are a fantastic investment for anyone looking for stylish, high-performance ski goggles with a wide field of vision.

Julbo Skydome Ski Goggles — Premium Photochromic Lens for Optimal View and Comfort


The Julbo Skydome Snowtiger Photocromic Goggles have been my go-to for all my backcountry skiing adventures. These goggles have a unique spherical lens with minimalist frame that provides an expansive field of vision, making it easier for me to keep an eye on my fellow skiers. The Reactiv photochromic lens technology is a game-changer as it adjusts to any lighting condition, ensuring I can safely navigate the mountain terrain.

The goggles are super lightweight, clocking in at less than five ounces, which adds minimal weight to my backcountry kit. The design promotes constant airflow and is comfortable to wear, even when I accidentally leave my sunglasses at home. I’ve had the opportunity to use these goggles in various conditions, from bright bluebird days to extremely foggy flat light days, and they never fail to deliver exceptional visibility. The double adjustment strap makes it easy to find the perfect fit, and the soft face foam and anatomic frame make the goggles incredibly comfortable to wear for extended periods.

Despite the high price point, I wholeheartedly recommend these goggles for anyone looking for top-quality, versatile ski goggles that can adapt to any lighting condition.

Julbo Explorer 2.0 Photochromic Sunglasses: Adjustable Temples and Polarized Lenses


The Julbo Explorer 2.0 Sunglasses are high-quality, fashionable, and functional. I’ve had the opportunity to use these sunglasses in my daily life, and I must say, they exceeded my expectations. The highlights of these sunglasses include their photochromic lenses that provide clear vision, the trendy round-shaped frames, and the adjustable temples for a perfect fit.

The adjustable temple arms are a game-changer for me, as I can make them fit just the way I want. The removable side shields add an extra level of comfort and customization. Julbo’s Camel lenses are top-notch, offering full spectrum protection and being polarized, photochromic, and anti-fogging. These lenses also provide 100% protection from harmful UV rays.

While the sunglasses are a bit larger than the original Julbo Explorers, they still fit comfortably. The panoramic design offers an unobstructed view, and the front ventilation and anti-fog coating are appreciated when I’m outdoors in the winter. I’ve had some concerns about the toughness of the Explorer 2.0, but overall, I have been impressed with their durability.

Some minor drawbacks I’ve experienced include the lenses being slightly larger than the previous model and the lens not being as dark as promised. These issues, though, have not overshadowed the positives of the Julbo Explorer 2.0 Sunglasses. With their excellent features and customizable aspects, these sunglasses have become my go-to for any outdoor activity.

Julbo Shadow Goggles: Ultra-Wide Field of Vision Ski Goggles


I recently tried the Julbo Shadow goggles, and they’ve quickly become a staple in my daily skiing routine. The ultra-wide field of vision and spherical REACTIV photochromic lens make a huge difference compared to other goggles I’ve tried in the past. They provide an almost perfect fit under my helmet, thanks to the frameless design and spherical lens. Plus, they come in a variety of frame colors and are lightweight, making them a great choice for skiers and riders with smaller faces.

While they’re great, I noticed that some people might find them too small for their liking. I’ve also heard about some issues with customer service, so keep that in mind if you’re considering purchasing these goggles. Overall, I’m happy with my Julbo Shadow goggles and find them incredibly comfortable and stylish.

Julbo Skydome Goggles — Advanced, Oversize Panoramic Lens with Reactiv Technology


As a backcountry freerider, I recently came across the Julbo Skydome goggles and have been using them frequently in diverse weather conditions — from sunny bluebird days to flat light, low visibility situations. What strikes me the most is their frameless construction that eliminates visual obstacles, providing the ultimate freedom of vision for skiers and snowboarders.

One standout feature is their Reactiv photochromic lens which instantly adapts to lighting changes, allowing for optimal visibility even in the most challenging conditions. Additionally, the oversized panoramic lens offers vast peripheral vision, enhancing my overall experience on the slopes.

The Skydome’s flexible, lightweight construction (135g) and soft face fit make them incredibly comfortable to wear, even while donning a helmet. Moreover, the double-adjustable strap and invisible strap mount ensure a snug fit and a smooth, unobtrusive on-head look.

However, there have been a few cons to note. While the anti-fog coating is generally effective, there were a couple of instances where moderate fogging occurred during some low visibility days. Moreover, the lens might scratch easily, which could be a problem for some users.

Despite these minor issues, the Julbo Skydome goggles have exceeded my expectations, making it well worth the investment for any serious backcountry skier or snowboarder looking for maximum versatility and visual freedom.

Julbo Ultimate Cover Sunglasses — Versatile Spectron 3+ Mirror Grey Blue Lenses


Taking on Julbo’s Ultimate Cover Sunglasses, I must say, they have definitely surpassed my expectations. These sunglasses have been a game changer in my daily life, whether I’m exploring mountain trails or simply running errands around town. The sunglasses have provided me with unparalleled protection, especially against the unpredictable Argentine weather.

What really stands out to me are the state-of-the-art Reactiv Photochromic lenses that effortlessly adapt to various light conditions. They’ve truly become my reliable companion on sunny, snowy, or cold days. Another feature that sets these sunglasses apart is the wrap-around design that effortlessly shields my eyes from peripheral light and wind. It made a huge difference during my outdoor activities.

On the downside, I did experience some discomfort with the nose pads, but that is subjective to individual preferences. It took some time to find the perfect fit, but once I did, I didn’t face any issues. Also, the rubberized temple tips are an excellent addition to make sure the sunglasses stay firmly in place, especially when wearing a helmet.

Despite being a bit pricier than some other sunglasses, Julbo’s Ultimate Cover Sunglasses prove to be a worthy investment. The high level of protection and versatility offered make them a fantastic choice for avid outdoor adventurers. Even though I’ve been using them for quite some time now, I’m still discovering new features that make these sunglasses a must-have addition to any gear collection. Ultimate Cover lives up to its name — these sunglasses have indeed covered me in protection, comfort, and style during my countless mountain adventures!

Julbo Pulse Goggles: Lightweight, Comfortable, and Fog-Free Skiiing Accessory


As a skier, I’ve always been on the lookout for reliable and comfortable ski goggles. That’s why I was excited to try the Julbo Pulse Goggles 2023 in black. From the moment I put them on, I could feel their sleek and minimalist design, making them a perfect addition to any winter gear.

One of the standout features is the air flow venting incorporated into the frame, which allows for optimum air circulation to prevent fogging. This made a huge difference in maintaining clear vision while skiing in various lighting conditions.

The full silicone strap, lined with a silicone strip, also proved to be a game-changer for securing the goggles to my helmet. With two layers of foam for optimum comfort and shock absorption, these goggles provided a soft and secure fit. The cylindrical double lens design offered a wide field of vision, allowing me to enjoy the scenery and keep an eye on the terrain.

However, there was one downside: the goggles may contain chemicals known to cause cancer or reproductive harm according to the State of California. While this is a concern, it’s important to weigh the potential risks against the benefits of having a dependable and stylish pair of goggles for the slopes.

Overall, the Julbo Pulse Goggles 2023 in black offered a perfect combination of comfort, visibility, and style. They were easy to adjust and worked seamlessly with my helmet, making them a must-have addition to my winter gear collection.

Stylish Julbo Moonlight Ski Goggles with Anti-Fog and Polarized Lens


I recently decided to try out the Julbo Moonlight ski goggles, and let me tell you, they didn’t disappoint! These goggles are surprisingly lightweight, clocking in at just 110g. I appreciate the wide field of vision offered by the double spherical lens, which combined with the GlareControl 2 lens, ensures crystal-clear vision even on the gloomiest of days.

The ventilation integrated into the frame is fantastic, preventing any fogging whatsoever, which was a big concern for me. The silicone-lined strap provides a perfect grip, ensuring that the goggles stay securely in place, even during the most strenuous of activities.

However, I did notice that the goggles might be a bit too big for some people, particularly those with smaller faces. Additionally, one user mentioned that the goggles took in water after a spill. Despite these minor drawbacks, I would still highly recommend the Julbo Moonlight ski goggles for their comfort, performance, and versatility.

Julbo Jupiter OTG Goggles — Adaptable and Comfortable Goggles for Optical Corrections


I recently tried out the Julbo Jupiter OTG Goggles, and I have to say, they’ve become my go-to accessory for skiing. The design of these goggles is perfect for those who wear prescription lenses, with an open top that easily accommodates glasses. One of my favorite features is the ventilation system; the air flow through the lenses and the extra loop on the side of the band prevent fogging, keeping my vision clear on the slopes.

The soft foam frame is also a nice touch, making the goggles comfortable to wear, even with a helmet on. However, I found that these goggles run a bit small, so I’d recommend trying them on before buying, especially if you have a larger face.

Overall, the Julbo Jupiter OTG Goggles are a great choice for any skier who needs glasses and wants to keep their vision fog-free.

High-Quality Julbo Alpha Ski Goggles with Frameless Design and Spectron 3 Screen


I must say, the Julbo Alpha goggles have been a game-changer in my skiing adventures. Not only do they provide a wide and unobstructed field of vision, but their modern design and Large cylindrical screen have made them a staple in my winter gear collection. When I hit those sunny slopes, the SPECTRON 3 screen ensures my eyes are protected and that I can see clearly.

One feature I particularly love is the Soft Comfort foam integrated into the goggles, which offers an added level of comfort. The strap is adjustable, allowing me to customize the fit to my head perfectly. The Alpha also seamlessly integrates with a helmet, providing a more comfortable skiing experience.

Of course, there are always a few aspects you can find improvements in. For example, the strap can feel a bit less sturdy at times. But overall, I am extremely satisfied with the Julbo Alpha goggles and their ability to enhance my skiing experience.

Julbo Quickshift MTB Ski Goggles: Innovative Switch Air System for Ventilation and Protection


Recently, I had the chance to use the Julbo Quickshift MTB Ski Goggles, and I must say, they lived up to the hype. The Switch Air System was incredibly efficient, allowing for seamless ventilation when climbing and a secure fit during descents.

The frameless construction, combined with the anti-fog coating, ensured a crystal-clear view of the trail, regardless of the changing weather conditions. Although the Dual Density Foam caused some initial discomfort, it provided much-needed cushioning after a while. Kudos to the full silicone and double adjustment straps for holding the goggles securely to my helmet without requiring any pesky strap insertions.

However, the goggles could have benefited from a more streamlined design to minimize the impact of branches and obstacles. Overall, the Julbo Quickshift MTB Ski Goggles are an excellent choice for those seeking both safety and comfort during aggressive mountain biking adventures.

Julbo Cyrius Goggles: Adaptive Photochromic Lens for Perfect Vision on Your Rides


Recently, I had the chance to try out the Julbo Cyrius Goggles in a radiant pink black design. These ski/snowboard goggles impressed me with their frame-free, cylindrical lens, and anatomically designed frame. The ventilation feature, along with the anti-fog coating, created a fantastic wearing experience in all weather conditions.

With the wide carrying strap and wide field of vision, these goggles are perfect for both backcountry and ski mountaineering. The photochromic lens offered exceptional protection, adjusting tint from 1 to 3, as my friend mentioned — a feature that made these goggles ideal for overcast, flat light, and up to full sun. The ventilation was comfortable, and the lens changed to adapt in all conditions without fogging.

Despite my initial hesitation about the lens color, I ended up loving how it enhanced contrast to make everything stand out clearly. Overall, the Julbo Cyrius Goggles proved to be the perfect combination of style, comfort, and excellent vision in every weather condition.

Children’s Chroma/CAT2–3 Self-Tinting Ski Goggles with Anti-Fog Coating and Enhanced Comfort


The Julbo Atome ski goggles are a perfect match for the little ones, aged around six to ten, who love hitting the slopes. The stunning sporty-chic design is just the beginning of what this product has to offer. The self-tinting, cylindrical lens makes sure the eyes are well-protected from the harsh sunlight.

What makes these goggles stand out is the frameless construction; giving kids a large, unobstructed field of view. This feature perfectly accommodates any helmet type. The offset overstrap strap ensures a comfortable fit with just a simple clip. For ultimate convenience, the strap can be adjusted with one hand.

If fog is your pet peeve, Julbo has got you covered. The anti-fog coating inside the lens, combined with the Air Flow ventilation system, makes these goggles fog-free during active use. The mono-density foam padding provides a high level of comfort for the children.

The Julbo Atome ski goggles come with all these excellent features, making them an ideal choice for kids.

Julbo Echo Spectron3 Ski Goggles: Comfortable and Stylish Ski Protective Gear for Kids


Experience the vibrant colors of the slopes and the freshness of the winter air with the Julbo Echo Spectron3 Ski Goggles. These glasses offer a minimalist yet sophisticated look perfect for young skiers aged 8 to 12 years old. The double lens provides an expansive field of vision, allowing them to fully enjoy the beauty around them.

With a light transmission of up to 12%, these goggles efficiently protect their eyes from the sun’s glare. The anti-fog coating ensures that the lenses remain clear during intense skiing sessions. The detachable and adjustable headband clip allows for a comfortable fit, even when worn with helmets.

Embrace the spirit of adventure and let your little one shine on the ski hill with the stylish black-and-white belt that complements their outfit. These goggles make a great gift for those eager to explore the thrilling world of winter sports.

Sleek Anti-Fog Goggles for Outdoor Adventures


Using the Julbo Session MTB goggles in my daily life has been a game changer! The air flow venting incorporated into the frame ensures that my vision isn’t fogged up, even in the coldest conditions. The anti-fog coating on the lens is a lifesaver, giving me crystal-clear visibility when I’m tearing through the mud.

One of the most impressive features of these goggles is the full silicone strap, which provides a perfect grip that keeps them securely in place. The offset strap for compatibility with all types of helmets is also a major plus, making them incredibly versatile for a wide range of outdoor activities.

However, one downside that I’ve encountered is that the goggles need to be worn higher on the face in order to prevent fogging, which can feel a bit odd at first. Overall, the Julbo Session MTB goggles offer great comfort and exceptional performance in a variety of conditions, making them a worthy investment for any outdoor enthusiast.

Stylish Julbo Ventilate Ski Goggles with Superflow System


Last winter, I discovered the Ventilate goggles by Julbo, and they quickly became my go-to for skiing. The first thing I noticed was the Superflow System that helped with keeping my face dry and fog-free, even on the most humid days. I also appreciated the adjustable strap that made it easy to wear with my helmet.

One of my favorite features was the dual-foam layer for ultimate comfort and cushioning, which made a huge difference on those long ski days. The Spectron 3 polycarbonate lenses provided excellent UV protection, and the anatomic frame design ensured a snug fit on my face. However, I should mention that the goggles’ ventilation did lead to some lens fogging during high-speed runs, which could be distracting at times.

Overall, the Ventilate goggles were a game-changer for my skiing experience, and I’d highly recommend them for anyone looking for a reliable and comfortable pair of goggles.

Julbo Airflux Ski Goggles: Ventilated, Comfortable, and Clear for Optimal Performance


I’ve been using the Julbo Airflux goggles for a couple of months now, and let me tell you, they’ve been a game-changer in my daily life. Whether I’m hitting the slopes or going for a winter bike ride, these goggles have kept my vision clear and my face comfortable.

One of the standout features has to be the SuperFlow system. These goggles are designed to easily push the lens forward when wearing gloves, keeping your face nice and warm. The venting incorporated into the frame helps in preventing fogging and ensures proper air circulation. The dual layers of foam provide maximum comfort and shock absorption, with a soft-touch layer that feels great on my skin.

The minimalistic frame gives me an extra-wide field of vision, making it easy to spot obstacles on the ski slope or avoid other riders on the bike path. The skier’s view is completely clear, both laterally and vertically, which is crucial for safety.

The strap is lined with silicone for a perfect grip, ensuring the goggles stay in place even during intense activities. The two loops on each side of the strap make adjusting the fit a breeze, and the goggles are easy to take on and off when needed.

However, there have been a few instances where the goggles were not as durable as I’d have liked. The pin that holds the strap together broke on me after just one use, making them unusable. It’s disappointing that such a small component caused such a big issue.

Overall, the Julbo Airflux goggles have made a significant difference in my winter activities. Though there have been some minor setbacks, the pros definitely outweigh the cons. These goggles are a must-have for anyone looking to stay comfortable and clear-sighted during their winter adventures.

Buyer’s Guide

Looking for the perfect pair of Julbo ski goggles? Here’s a comprehensive buyer’s guide to help you make an informed decision. We’ll cover important features, considerations, and general advice to ensure you find the best goggles for your winter adventures.


Features to Consider

  1. Lens Quality: Look for high-quality, scratch-resistant lenses that provide optimal clarity and protection from the elements. Some Julbo ski goggles feature photochromic lenses that adapt to changing light conditions, while others have interchangeable lenses for versatility on the slopes. Consider the lens tint and whether it’s suitable for different snow and weather conditions.

Considerations for Comfort

  1. Fit and Comfort: A proper fit is essential for comfortable, effective ski goggles. Measure your head circumference and follow the manufacturer’s sizing guidelines to find the best match. Adjustable straps allow you to customize the fit, and some Julbo goggles have 3D-Fit technology for a snug, comfortable fit.

Additional Features for Enhanced Performance

  1. Anti-Fog Technology: Nothing ruins your ski day faster than foggy goggles. Look for Julbo ski goggles with anti-fog technology, such as dual-pane lenses, which help prevent moisture buildup and keep your vision clear. Other features to consider for improved performance include ventilation systems and moisture-wicking fabrics.

General Advice for Choosing Julbo Ski Goggles

  1. Brand Reputation: Julbo is a well-respected brand in the ski goggles market, known for its innovative designs and top-quality materials. However, it’s always a good idea to research the brand further and read reviews from satisfied customers to ensure you’re making a wise investment. Additionally, consider consulting with ski shop experts or fellow skiers for their recommendations.


What are Julbo Ski Goggles?

Julbo Ski Goggles are a range of high-quality ski goggles designed to provide optimal visibility and protection for skiers and snowboarders. They feature cutting-edge technologies to enhance performance, comfort, and safety during winter sports activities. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced skier, Julbo offers a variety of ski goggles to suit different needs and preferences.

Julbo is known for its innovative designs, superior quality, and attention to detail when it comes to ski goggles. The brand’s commitment to creating highly functional and durable products has made Julbo Ski Goggles a popular choice among outdoor enthusiasts who love winter sports and adventures on the slopes.


What sets Julbo Ski Goggles apart from other brands?

Julbo Ski Goggles are known for their excellent fit, durability, and innovative lens technologies. The brand uses high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing techniques to ensure the goggles are comfortable, lightweight, and provide excellent protection against the elements. Moreover, Julbo offers a range of lens tints and colors to suit different lighting conditions, making it easier for skiers to adapt to varying weather and snow conditions throughout the day.

Another key feature of Julbo Ski Goggles is their interchangeable lens system, which allows users to easily swap out lenses for different activities or weather conditions. This feature is a game-changer for those who enjoy a variety of winter sports, as it provides the flexibility to have multiple lens options at their disposal without having to buy multiple pairs of goggles.

What types of Julbo Ski Goggles are available?

Julbo Ski Goggles come in various styles and categories, catering to different needs, preferences, and budgets. Some of the most popular models include the following:

  1. Zebralight S — Lightweight and stylish, these goggles offer excellent visibility in low light conditions and provide excellent protection from wind and snow. 2. QMTN Air S — These goggles are designed for serious skiers and snowboarders who demand the best in terms of optical clarity, protection, and durability. The lens technology used in the QMTN Air S goggles is unmatched and offers superior optical performance in all weather conditions. 3. Explorer S — The Explorer S is a versatile pair of ski goggles perfect for those who enjoy skiing in different terrain and conditions. These goggles offer excellent protection, comfort, and a superior field of view, ensuring every adventure on the slopes is enjoyable and safe.

Visit the Julbo website or contact their customer service representatives to learn more about their full range of ski goggles and find the perfect pair for your next winter adventure! Additionally, check out online retailers such as Amazon, REI, or Backcountry for reviews, pricing, and availability of Julbo Ski Goggles.


How do I care for my Julbo Ski Goggles?

To ensure the longevity of your Julbo Ski Goggles, follow these care and maintenance guidelines:

  1. After each use, gently clean the lenses and frame using a soft, damp cloth. Avoid using harsh cleaning agents, as they may damage the goggles’ materials or coatings. 2. Store your goggles in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight when not in use. Avoid placing them near heating sources, as excessive heat can negatively impact the goggles’ components. 3. Regularly inspect the goggles for signs of wear and tear, such as scratches or damage to the frame or lenses. If you notice any issues, contact Julbo’s customer service team for assistance or repairs.

By following these simple care tips, you can extend the life of your Julbo Ski Goggles and enjoy optimal performance and protection on every adventure! Remember, investing in a good pair of ski goggles is an essential part of ensuring safety and comfort during winter sports activities. Julbo’s dedication to creating high-quality, versatile, and stylish ski goggles makes them an excellent choice for skiers and snowboarders of all levels.

What warranty does Julbo offer for their Ski Goggles?

Julbo offers a limited warranty for their ski goggles, covering defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one year from the date of purchase. The warranty does not cover wear and tear, damage caused by misuse or neglect, or defects resulting from normal wear and tear. Additionally, the warranty is valid only for the original purchaser and does not transfer to subsequent owners. To make a warranty claim, contact Julbo’s customer service team, provide proof of purchase, and describe the issue in detail. The company will then assess the claim and provide a solution, which may include repairs, replacement, or a refund.

It is essential to understand the limitations of the warranty and take proper care of your Julbo Ski Goggles to ensure they perform optimally and last as long as possible. By following Julbo’s care and maintenance guidelines and investing in a quality pair of ski goggles, you can enjoy a safer and more enjoyable winter sports experience!

Are Julbo Ski Goggles suitable for different weather conditions and terrains?

Yes, Julbo Ski Goggles are designed to provide exceptional performance in a variety of weather conditions and terrains. The brand’s commitment to innovation and high-quality materials ensures that their ski goggles offer superior optical clarity, protection, and comfort for skiers and snowboarders. Whether you are skiing in bright sunshine, overcast conditions, or in nighttime, Julbo’s range of ski goggles has you covered with an array of lens tints and optical technologies designed to adapt to your specific needs.

Moreover, Julbo ski goggles are perfect for various types of terrain, including groomed slopes, off-piste powder, and backcountry adventures. The brand offers a range of ski goggles with different features and capabilities, catering to different user preferences and activity levels. Some of the key features that set Julbo ski goggles apart include their interchangeable lens system, exceptional ventilation, and superior fit, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable experience regardless of the terrain or weather.